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This is what I can do for you:

  • will accept commissioned orders (custom paintings)
  • can get any size print made for you, of any of my images
  • can order greeting cards with any of my images



List of Artists I am influenced by or admire … (Artists highlighted in ORANGE use food imagery and/or concepts relating to food) …

Jay Millar   Joël Penkman   James Hollingsworth   Tjalf Sparnaay   Lee Price   James Rosenquist   Wayne Thiebaud   Emily Eveleth   Pamela Michelle Johnson   Andy Warhol   Vic Vicini   Mary Ellen Johnson   Jason Mecier   Bruce Nauman   Cristina Troufa   Wayne White   John Baldessari   Dan Cretu   Kimberly Fox   Elizabeth Selby   Malika Favre   Matthew Palladino   Francesco Vullo   Cassie Marie Edwards   Jim Bachor   Mickalene Thomas   John Nieto   Will Cotton   Ralph Goings